Grumpy Old People

Something today got me thinking about this, since our youngest often reminds my husband and myself that we’re pretty grumpy “old people”. He usually says this as i’m fussing at some dumb driver from inside my own car, who’s driving SLOW as molasses in the FAST lane; staying near enough to another slow car who IS in the slow lane as they should be, so that no one can pass – including me.

Today, someone referred to my husband as “grouchy” – which he can be … and another was commenting that, at this “holiday” time of the year, folks can be SO rude, thoughtless, and just downright uncaring about others. NO particular reason for their rudeness or hatefulness …. it’s just that, apparently, they CAN be that way.

Now there’s a difference between my ‘fussing’ at people, in my own car … and being deliberately rude and hateful to people because YOU want them to move out of your way even though there’s a whole parking lot of space to walk a few steps around the other person.

My husband is said to be “grumpy”. He’s really not and can actually be quite funny when he chooses to be. But mostly, he’s not a “people person”-kind of guy. He does quite nicely in almost every social situation but he just doesn’t feel comfortable when he’s not in his “comfort zone”. I believe most of us are also like that. He’s just not a “social butterfly” although when i was more of a “people person”, he said i was one. LOL

I know older people must seem pretty “grouchy” to the younger ones sometimes. And sometimes, we older people ARE grouchier than at any other time in our lives. We’ve lived a long time, around a lot of people doing and saying a LOT of STUPID things. Over the years, we’ve done our own stupid things – and learned from them. We DID learn from our own stupidity because we’re “still alive to this day”. (LOL a teasing hug to my granddaughter, Kilyn for a line she wrote in a report that still makes me laugh)

So were grouchy, grumpy people who have lived a lifetime, followed a routine of living that got us to where we are. We earned the right to be grouchy about things we don’t like like rudeness, thoughtlessness, loss of common sense and common decency, and no seeming respect for anyONE or anyTHING.

So if YOU’re unhappy with some older person YOU know that seems to be grouchy around you?? Take a look at WHY they might be grouchy to you and make some changes.

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