“Still alive to this day.”


I had a fantabulous day!! I rode out to see mi nietas as a surprise, at their school. I hadn’t ridden even 2 miles when an older woman, with her daughter and i believe there was a grandkid in the back seat, driving a nice new SUV …. just HAD to pull out in front of me AS SHE LOOKED AT ME – or, maybe she was looking through me. Of course i laid on the horn as i had to quickly apply the brake .. and she almost came to a full stop in front of me … as i rode around her, looking at her with the horn still blaring. AT the stop light, they pulled into the left turn lane as i was in the lane to go straight – side by side we were. LOL the daughter in the front passenger seat just stared straight ahead.

Got to Betty’s, the other mamaw’s house, Β but she wasn’t home.


Texted hubby to let him know where, what, and why before heading on to the school to meet up with Betty. On the side road, i knew i’d have to keep my eyes open and be ready for someone to suddenly pull out in front of me. I was passing a junk yard (of dead vehicles) and was going slower, looking … and then i saw it. A thick hedge runs along the road to block the view of the junk yard … and as i started along the length of it, i saw some kind of vehicle approaching the hedge, from inside the property. I slowed even more and after noting no vehicles coming from the opposite direction, was prepared to move over into the oncoming lane to go around the …. wrecker with a long bed .. it pulled halfway out into my lane BUT SAW ME AND STOPPED. As i passed him on the center line, i nodded my gratitude as i rode by the 2 guys in the cab of the wrecker. πŸ˜€

Lol I got there early and wasn’t sure where to park; there was lines of parents already waiting but no buses – yet.


Then a bus rolled in and i backed my bike to the edge of the pavement so the bus wouldn’t hit it when it left.
Betty arrived and we walked in to get the girls but Kinley met us out front. So after talking with a few people, including Betty’s sister Mary, we went in. Kilyn had cheer practice … but before it started, we spent some time together in the gym. ❀


My pitiful attempt at a selfie with Betty. While she and i talked, Kinley ran laps around the gym. LOL When i was her age, i loved to run – just to run. My mom would say that my long hair, flowing out behind me as i ran, reminded her of a horse’s mane … and i remember wanting to BE a horse, somehow. Unfortunately, i was never able to morph myself into a horse. lol


While she ran laps, Kilyn pulled out the report she did on her “Family tree” for me to read. LOL Betty kept saying i was the main focus of Kilyn’s report because Β i’m the “cool grandma”. Well Kilyn did mention a lot of other relatives in her report but as one of the many people, i did have the largest amount of information. LOL I loved reading it and the quote of this post is from Kilyn’s report after telling about how i’d been bit by a rattlesnake, “She’s still alive to this day.” Bahahahaha! ❀

The girls climbed around on the bleachers, finding someone’s backpack, a jacket, and a hard-case for glasses, and i think Peanut said she saw a toy also.


Before we left the gym so Kilyn could go to cheer practice, we took some fabulous photos together

Lela (short for Abuela) doesn’t take good ‘selfies’. LOL


So while Kilyn was at cheer practice, we went to the two front playgrounds. At the first one, Peanut wanted to push me on a swing – and she did a great job! When she wanted to swing, as i was slowing the swing to get off, it reminded me of when i was about 11 years old; when we were recently back to the States and living in a huge, 3-story with a basement, pre-Civil war house in the St Louis, Missouri area. The house had a semi-circular driveway in front and along the driveway was a huge, old tree that was at least as tall as the old house (and probably taller). From the tree on one of the lower limbs (that was still a good 20 feet up, if not higher) was a really thick rope with a knot tied at the bottom. Not a thin rope; one that now seems like it was at least 3 inches thick! like this one:


The rope hung down pretty close to the tree and i would sit on the knot and push off the tree, trying to swing and wrap the rope around the tree more and more with each swing. Sometimes i’d miss the ‘landing’ with my feet and end up hitting the tree with my back … but with each time i’d miss, it made me want to “stick the landing” with my feet even more. πŸ˜€ After a while, i was really good with wrapping the rope around the tree at least 3-4 times and twirling around on the rope as i unwound it from the trunk of the tree. i LOVED that ‘swing’!
The little tree that was beside the huge one, also along the driveway, was the one i’d climbed up into and sat on a dead branch / limb. The limb broke and i fell about 12 feet into the gravel driveway below. I landed on the right side of my head, effectively knocking me out for about 3 days.
In the side yard of the old house, there was another little tree that had another little swing on it. It wasn’t often that i used the little swing that looked like this because it just wasn’t as much fun. LOL


Just beyond that little swing was a jungle gym. Mind you, the house belonged to the Baptist church across the street. We were just temporary guests. πŸ˜€ But the place was a blast for me! The jungle gym was either dome-shaped like this one


or it was like this one


but now, i can’t be sure which style it was. LOL I’ve had dreams of the jungle gym since then and in the dreams, it’s like this second one. While Betty and i talked, i also remember a tetherball setup i had fun with also. I know the school in Cali had tetherball setups but the swings got more use.


ANYway …. i got to push Peanut but she was pretty good at making her ownself swing! πŸ˜€
from there, we went to the 2nd playground that the younger kids use. Some kind of bouncy-thing you stand on, swings, a covered area with tic, tac, toe game (where you drop red and yellow cylinders down into) … and a couple of other things for kids to climb and play on that i just don’t know what they’re called. LOL

So after a while, Peanut’s really wanting to “go home”; her routine of going home to get something to drink an eat while Sissy is at cheer practice is out of sorts …. so we decide to go on to the house to wait so she can relax with something to eat and drink. She also says she wants to play “doggie” with me which involves her crawling around on the floor, barking, and eating food from a bowl on the floor – or drinking water from a bowl on the floor. LOL Betty says Peanut and Sissy only want to play that when i’m around. ??
While Betty went to get Kilyn, Peanut and i went to the back yard and she showed me how she does a forward flip (not the same as a somersault that’s done along the surface) on the trampoline! She does it great and i believe she said even Sissy doesn’t know how to do it. lol

When Betty and Kilyn got back, we all went around to the back yard. Kilyn wanted to shoot hoops like her daddy used to do all the time – with a basketball that really glows spectacularly in the dark!! Peanut thought she wanted to shoot hoops with her basketball but then decided she’s rather bounce around on the trampoline some more. LOL Betty and i talked about how to get the poison ivy / oak down off the back of the house without getting all itchy!

and then hubby called and wanted to know when i was going to be headed home. It was getting close to 6pm and dusk would be following soon … so since my headlight isn’t good, i didn’t want to push my luck, what with folks wanting to pull out on me. So eventually i headed home; the sun still out but the air was a bit cooler than earlier. And sure enough, not too far down the road, another vehicle didn’t even slow down as it approached the main road … pulling on out in front of me, causing me to have to slow up quick enough. As i was “up their bumper”, i shook my head at them … and they then sped up and went on down the road. mind you, i wasn’t putt-putting along when they pulled out in front of me but after they took off, they were going a good 5 – 10 miles faster than 65mph.

T’was a wonderful day with the granddaughters and their other Mamaw, Betty. πŸ˜€

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