the boring side

LOL so my big achievement of the day … well, i guess there were actually two. i can’t count waking up late as one of those accomplishments although with the help of my usual pot of coffee, i was ‘functioning’ a little faster than usual. Kinda.

So once i was up and awake, i fed the outside cats and gave White Socks her 1 1/2 units of Lantus (slow-acting insulin) and then i went to feed and water a neighbor’s cat. LOL As i walked over, i could see him (he’s a black, very fluffy cat who reminds me of my beloved Hooters) up on the back hillside …. laying flat and low in the grass, watching me approach. As i got a bit closer, i turned a bit sideways and kinda crouched down a bit, quietly telling him i could see him there … and laughing about a black cat laying in green grass, thinking he’s invisible. ๐Ÿ˜€
So as i got even closer, i whistled at him and called him … and down the hill he raced … slowing abruptly as he got within 10 feet or so, to appear indifferent as he almost pranced towards me. LOL I reached down to try and pet him but he was focused on being fed and beat me to the edge of the porch. THEN he was willing to be petted. As soon as the food was in his plate, he was eating. ๐Ÿ˜€ Fresh water in the other ย … and as i headed back home, i picked up a lot of sticks and twigs that had fallen from my neighbor’s tree. I knew it had rained but apparently there was some wind also.

So then i fed and watered Cooper before showering. Once clean and dressed, i sat on the front porch with the last of the coffee and over a cigarette, pondered what i should get started doing outside: mow the grass along the main road where it’s getting weedy, pull weeds in the front walkway area, the front flower beds, weed the side flower bed off the porch … and then i remembered i had planned to use the riding mower with the wagon attached, to get the HUGE pile of weeds that i’d pulled in another neighbor’s yard about 2 months ago. LOL She’s been waiting to have mulch put down and i’d mentioned taking the weeds to our burn-spot at least a month ago. So, i got the key and went to it. Three trips back and forth to get it all and didn’t drop a thing through all the zig-zagging through our yard to get to the burn-spot in the garden. i’ll have to take a photo of the large pile in the burn-spot so the immensity of the pile of weeds can be appreciated. LOL ! Just know, it’s “bigly”! ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahahahaha

Then i went to pulling weeds in the front flower bed. i got a lot pulled before moving over to the extra ‘driveway’ of gravel that has a big pile of about 6-7 tons still waiting for me to finish around the back deck and along the side of the house by the garden where i want to make another ‘patio’ or something with it …. if i don’t use the 6-7 tons of gravel as a cover over thick plastic in the front flower bed to keep the weeds down. LOL Anyway, weeds were starting to grow into the graveled part of the secondary driveway so i pulled a lot of those … and pulled some from the asphalt driveway … before also pulling some along the front of the side garden by the front porch. Filled the wheelbarrow full!

In the meanwhile of all that, the phone would ring – both hubby calling and telemarketing/scam calls from numbers that i don’t recognize. Hubby called before coming home to say he’d talked to Tony, our oldest, and was going to go to Knoxville with him to look around “Rural King”, a new store like Tractor Supply (hubby and i’d looked around in it on Sunday when we rode our motorcycles down there). So as he went to pick up Tony, he stopped by Subway to bring me a chicken-teriyaki sub. I was going to microwave a frozen meal. lol

Yahoo … my exciting day, in detail, no less! LOL If the weather’s warmer tomorrow, i might go for a ride to see the granddaughters when they get out of school OR!! Maybe i’ll show up AT the school as they get out. ๐Ÿ˜€ i’ve been wanting to do that for a while. lol

dang it! it’s going on 1am so i guess it’s time to head to bed so’z i don’t get up late again.

photo from my deck ๐Ÿ˜€


buenas noches

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