First blog post

WED 9:11PM

Betty: Kilyn called you
ME: oh! we were outside enjoying the cool air! Is everyone okay?
Betty: Yes she wanted to know about your/family history for school tomorrow. But shes in bed
ME: 😞 awww!
Betty: Mine isnt exciting enough like
ME: richard’s been stressing about being forced to retire so we were outside to talk and enjoying the cool weather while we were out there … tell her i’m so sorry i missed her call!!
one thing she might enjoy knowing is that i was named after Hurricane Donna. I was being adopted at about the time the hurricane hit Hurricane Donna brought severe damage to the Lesser Antilles, the Greater Antilles, and the East Coast of the United States, especially Florida in August–September 1960. Wikipedia Date: August 29, 1960 – September 14, 1960
1960- Hurricane Donna
where my sisters and i went to school. I was there from 1st-4th grades
School History
School History Decades 1950’s: In 1944, Gladys Bryson, a foreign resident of Cali and educator by profession, converted a room of her home in the San Fernando neighborhood into a classroom. This is how the Colegio Anglo-Americano de Cali was born. In 1947, the school had students through the eighth…
Betty: Cool..that explains
ME: LOL!! 😀 i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought that!!
Betty: Where was you born
Is donna your real name also
ME: born in El Paso, TX. My biological parents were living in Silver City, NM. I’ve never lived in Texas and according to my original birth certificate, i didn’t have a name a birth.
Betty: Ok i know she wrote down south america
Her next game is home
ME: right. 🙂 Colombia is the country at the top left in south america
oooh!! Going to put the info in my cell’s calendar before i forget!!
at 5pm?
Betty: She put grandpa worked. At phone company now for 25 years thats all we know about
ME: Yes
LOL he was in the Army from 1973 – 1980; stationed in Germany – in telephony, of course.
before that, he worked on his mom’s farms; cattle and in tobacco
we met in Maryland, at the nightclub i worked at
LMAO but she doesn’t need to tell the other kids that
Betty: See you still out rang us all in fascinating it a topless on
ME: ROTFL!!! no, not a topless bar. I actually wore what i call a ‘penguin suit”
a one piece, black bathingsuit over stockings that were shiny … and a cropped black jacket with tails
oh! and high heels were a must … mine were 6 inch platforms
Betty: Lol i see the story you want her to know i really know the truth now lmao
ME: LOL i’m innocent, i tell ya
i AM the eldest daughter of a Baptist missionary and Baptist preacher in DC after we returned to the States from missionary work. 😇
Betty: Sounds.
ME: see?? LMAO
Betty: Now she brings out the preach daugter
ME: HAHAHAHAHAHA but it IS all true
from the missionary thing …
Betty: Lol…you are the greatest ..thats a great picture
ME: 😀 that’s just before we left the States
Betty: Is that you in the middle
ME: the ship we went through the Panama Canal on. The other photo is of me, reading to my sisters. Amy is on the left. Leanne is on the right
where my dad was the preacher from 1973 i think … to 1980-something
Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church – Washington D.C.
When we gather to worship every Sunday morning, we truly represent Christians from every tribe, tongue and nation. Our fellowship includes people from Brazil, Kenya, Malaysia, Trinidad, Burma, and Egypt. Even Minnesota and Maine. We’re a small but growing church where honest friendships are made.
yes, that was me in the middle.
Betty: Wow thats cool i see kinley in the 1st pic and kilyn in the 2nd
ME: and in the middle of the other photo by the ship
i loved to read!
Betty: Kilyn does too
ME: my mom’s parents, at their house in St Louis, MO
yes she does and i think that’s GReAT!! i know kinley loves to have stories read to her
Betty: Very beautiful. As you are now
ME: lol i always thought i was pretty homely
my mom had been a school teacher until they adopted me
Betty: Yes she cant wait for her to learn to read
ME: kilyn can’t wait for kinley to learn?
Betty: No kinley cant wait sorry
ME: i think this is with my green belt? (lol no, my Brown Belt)
Betty: They are having book fair this week kilyn wants 80$ worth of books kinley wants
ME: lol oh! i’ll bet she’ll also be an avid reader!! Great for the mind!!
i’m ordering some book for their xmas gifts – ones i really enjoyed reading
Betty: Cool you are full of suprises. You know you should write a book or at least a journal for the girls
ME: lol write a book?? about what?
Betty: Great they will love the
ME: and …. i’m not quite sure what a journal is (that i could write).
Betty: Your life is exciting
ME: is that like a diary?
Betty: Yes
ME: it is to others. to me it was just ‘normal’. LOL
Betty: Not at all
ME: i kinda try to keep up with what i do every day – on the calendar. i used to have a little book of the year’s calendar to note the things that happened, i did – or didn’t get done
Betty: However you can leave out about the topless bar where you met
ME: LOL it wasn’t topless though
a full, one piece bathing suit ….
with a jacket that had tails – like a tuxedo jacket and high heels 😇
Betty: Did you get pictured
ME: i want to say yes – by richard … somewhere the photo might be here. i have the one i took of him 😀
Richard, when he was in the army
Betty: Oh wow
ME: the photo i took of richard in the nightclub, it’s on my dresser’s mirror
Betty: Is he topless also..lmao
ME: LMAO!!! Actually …. no. He wore a suit to impress me
Betty: Lol
ME: i was trying to find the photo of richard in his suit. i know i took a pic of it with my phone …
Betty: I cant eait to show her in the morning
ME: lol i hope she enjoys it all. ❤ please tell her i love her and am SO proud of her!!
And of course, i love kinely and and i’m just as proud of her!!
Betty: I will tell them and they both worship you very much and love you very much
❤ they’re some VERY special girls who are impressive in their own right!!
AND!! they have a fabulous mamaw and papaw who take wonderful care of them – in MANY ways!!!
Betty: Well thank you yes they do on both sides
ME: lol more so on YOUR side! ❤
Betty: Well only one of us has worked as a topless waitress and we both know i lived a boring life..lmao
ME: ROTFL !! BETTY! i was NOT topless!!!
bottomless, maybe …. but not topless
Betty: Oh yeah she put in her report you got bit and killed the snake all before going to dr
Betty: Lmao.lmao
ME: love that young lady!!!
well it is true i was bit and the snake got killed before i went to the doc but i didnt kill the snake
Betty: John is going to kill me laughing so much hes trying to
ME: LOL uh-oh!!
Betty: I always knew there was many sides to you
LOL too many sometimes
Betty: I find out on more everytime we
ME: better tell all i can while i still remember it 😉
Betty: That’s all the more reason for the book
ME: hmmm!! ya just made a good point
or at least a journal … and when ‘memories’ hit, i can add them into the journal
dang!! that means i’d have to use a pen again! and paper! LOL 😉
Betty: Well dont forget the topless/ botomless bar…lmao
ME: LOL !!!
if the kids are going to read it ….. well, i guess they should know the truth
Betty: Lmao
ME: if i don’t tell them, one of their uncles will
or their dad
Betty: Not really you could write it on the computer saved to a flash drive
Lol im sure they dont know the whole truth..wink
ME: hey!! true too – and it would be a LOT faster to type it out than to hand-write it …. but then again, a hand-written journal is more special these days. LOL it’s called the ‘secret’ way to get a message out since no one writes anymore and kids won’t be practicing writing like you and i did … so they won’t be able to read cursive writing
LMAO!!! well … not about a lot of things … but the ones that are ‘safe’ to talk about, yes. they do
Betty: Lol..true however kilyn is teaching herself cursive writing
ME: awww!! You meatn hey really are not being taught it in school now??
*you mean they
Betty: No
ME: That confuses me
oh no!! that’s really not a good thing
like not teaching math skills and getting to use a calculator instead
Betty: No it isnt yes and how they teach multiplications by songs off of you tube
that’s horrible!
Betty: Yes it is
ME: being in the band class or the church’s choir was SUCH fun!!
Betty: Kilyn is in 4th grade the school only has 2 teachers each class has 32 kids only 25 computers
ME: only 2 teachers in the whole school??
and 32 kids per class is a lot … and they’re short a few computers
Betty: 2 for 4th grade they teach 4 classes each they told us that they cant teach all like they should so the kids arent being taught well
ME: 😞 that’s not good
Betty: They dont have enough lockers they had to buy containers for 7 kids its awful
ME: wow
what are the lockers for?
Betty: Back packs books coats
ME: i thought they packed all that in their backpacks and took the backbacks with them from class to class. lol it’s what i did when i was their age – actually no. we didn’t have back packs in Colombia
it was in junior high with back packs
in colombia, we carried everything
Betty: No they have to leave books for next class to use
ME: 😮 what??? what do they use for homework then?
Betty: Online books and work sheets they try not to give home work
ME: work sheets is extra cost for all the printing … online books that not everyone can access for lack of internet / cost.
Betty: I know its sad
ME: it’s crazy!!
Betty: Yes we all are upset about this mary my sister came back to valley view because we had 3 kindergarten teachers they all 3 had 28 kids she makes 4 now Kinleys class has 22 now
ME: that’s a LOT of little kids in ONE class still
Betty: Yes
ME: i remember trying to teach spanish to kindergarteners when Ki and Dakota were in elementary school. It wasn’t easy and there were maybe a dozen kids in that one class
Betty: Kilyn made her 1st 70 on a paper and it was in science and she loves science and her teacher said it was her fault cause she didnt have enough time to teach so she dropped it off her books
ME: oh for crying out loud!! how are kids supposed to learn when they’re not even being taught!
Betty: Ms.amanda is having a tough time also with kinleys class
ME: kinley’s teacher?
Betty: We as a community are trying to change it
ME: good grief!!
how? if the teacher doesn’t have enough time?
Betty: Kindergarten class having 22 ms.amanda is her teacher sorry so much
ME: that’s better than 28, to be sure
Betty: Trying to get more 4th grade teachers hired
ME: good deal!
Betty: It can be a mad house there…changing subjects now
Betty: Have you heard about the rumors of the clowns going to the schools
ME: yes!! someone in Middlesboro was arrested for being dressed like a clown and hiding in the woods when the police were looking for him
heard someone called in something in Claiborne county
Betty: 2 in claiborne county. Yes
ME: i haven’t heard about the 2nd one yet
copy cats
Betty: They are being seen around everywhere suppost to be from south Carolina trying to lure kids off for sex trafficing
ME: i heard something about it started as sexual predators but imho, kids have copy catted it and done their own stupid thing
Betty: Its crazy
ME: it is … and then the shooting today … and the young girl not wanting to go back to the school for being afraid and not able to trust anyone
Betty: I havent heard where?
ME: south carolina
SC shootings: Three wounded at school, man dead at home
Two children and a teacher were shot by a gunman at an elementary school playground in Townville, South Carolina, an official with Anderson County Emergency Management told reporters Wednesday afternoon.
Betty: Oh wow
ME: yeah. went to the school to shoot people after killing his father
Betty: Oh man…i wish i had to never let the girls go back
ME: i know … 😞
lol my computer is freezing up
Betty: Lol there goes the theory of using it to write your book.
ME: it happens a lot lately. frustrates me to no end … and then it’ll work for a little while before it starts up again
Betty: Well im going to say good night but ive enjoyed talking to you again
ME: LOL i’ve enjoyed talking with you again!! Richard keeps asking if i’ve heard from you. we’ll try to stp by soon!!! Have a good night. gonna head that way myself
Betty: They look at every motorcycle they see to see if it is you guys tell him hi and we all love him and you come anytime we would love to see you
ME: 😀 will do!! Thank you!!
Betty: Have a great night
ME: you too!!
Betty:  Goodnight


ME: well, i started a ‘journal’

The Beginning
in talking with my son’s daughters’ other mamaw, she suggested i start a journal or write a book about my life. lol to me, my life is ‘normal’. to others, it seems interesti…
Chat Conversation End
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